Grid Smarter Cities’ Kerb technology is shortlisted for the “Better Environment through Technology Award” at the ITS UK Awards 2022.

Grid Smarter Cities is proud to be shortlisted for the Intelligent Transports Systems (ITS) UK Awards for the “Better Environment through Technology Award” category. Our Kerb technology champions the initiative that offers sustainable solutions to manage urban traffic whilst addressing environmental challenges such as air pollution and excessive carbon consumption that are detrimental to our planet.

Kerb is an innovative software platform that utilises kerbside spaces as an efficient and sustainable solution to resolve city traffic congestion, improve air quality, reduce noise, and ensure health and safety for all road users including the general public. Kerb can be used to utilise the rail, river, and other transportation mode to enable cross modal deliveries by enabling bookable parking spaces, interlinking river or rail freight media with sustainable last mile delivery modes such as electric van and cargo bikes, which will alleviate some of the negative congestion and pollution impacts of road vehicle mileage in cities.‍

With its efficient data management and booking system, Kerb allows parking bays and urban spaces to be pre-booked and utilised as loading bays during off-peak hours. The spaces are also equipped with signage containing booking reservation and data such as air quality, noise level, temperature and other information that are useful to the community.

This innovative solution enables operational efficiencies and increased productivity for many businesses without contributing to the ever-growing problems in air and noise pollution. By significant reduction of the number of vehicles travelling within the city, Kerb can help reduce tonnes of carbon per year, improving air quality, reducing health risks and ultimately, contributing to reverse the effects of climate change especially when adopted and implemented on a wider scale. This will not only help businesses improve operational efficiency and productivity but also alleviate some of the negative congestion and pollution impacts of road vehicle mileage in cities, and provide better safety for all users.

“I am very proud to be shortlisted for the ‘Better Environment through Technology’ category this year. At Grid, we put the environment at the centre of our focus in developing solutions that will not only benefit the community but ultimately help save our planet for the generations to come.” Neil Herron, CEO, Grid Smarter Cities

ITS UK introduced new awards this year including ones for Active Travel, Better Environment through Technology, Best Use of Data or Connectivity, Enforcement Scheme and Public Transport. There is also one for “Frontline Hero” who works for a member organisation on the “front line” of delivering transport such as on-street engineering. The awards will be presented at the society’s flagship president’s dinner on 13 October 2022 in Milton Keynes.