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Southwark Council

We are working on a number of projects with our partners at Southwark Council to better support their urban logistics challenges with our innovative kerbside technology. In Bankside we have introduced a pilot that integrates river freight to support greener last mile deliveries in the area. While in Walworth Road, we are implementing our loading bay technology specifically for business deliveries to reduce congestion in this busy High Street area during peak hours. Read more about our projects with Southwark Council below.

Walworth Road

Kerbside Management

Walworth Road Loading Bays

We are working with Southwark Council to support the reduction of congestion in the Walworth Road area with better management of loading bay activity for freight operators on this busy High Street during peak hours. Walworth Road is a busy thoroughfare for bus routes, people and deliveries and was recently set up as a low emission neighborhood. The project will help to improve access for delivery operators when dropping off or picking up goods from local businesses.

There are five loading bays in total, accompanied by double sided e-ink smart signs at each end. One of the bays specifically meets HGV access requirements.

View the Traffic Order here.

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Bookable Loading Bays at Bankside

Delivery, servicing and freight drivers can guarantee a space to stop and unload in advance with two bookable loading bays. The bays are located adjacent to the Swan Pub and Restaurant on the busy Southbank. Drivers can book loading slots via a savvy app for a length of time that suits their needs and ensures delivery certainty, without the risk of a PCN charge.

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The Swan Virtual Loading Bay

We have worked with The Swan Pub in Bankside to provide a specific virtual loading bay for their appointed suppliers. The bay will help to support safer deliveries and better coordination of the supply of goods and services to the pub. The bay can be booked via the Kerb Delivery app by approved suppliers delivering specifically to the venue.

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Kerb-Dock: London’s most innovative Cross-Docking Project

The Kerb-Dock project showcased the potential of dynamically allocating kerb space by riverside pier and wharf locations to enable cross-docking of light freight from river to road for greener last mile deliveries in the city.

Freight operators using the bays for their EV or cargo bike vehicles gained delivery certainty, reduced road mileage and fewer missed deliveries by booking the loading bays in advance for a desired time slot, using the intuitive Kerb driver app.