Increasing demands on the kerbside and congestion pressures mean local authorities are looking for innovative ways to safely enable more flexible use of kerb space, offering equitable access for all – while supporting climate action plans and new revenue streams for cities.

Consultation with Local Authorities and Landowners

Locations and key inputs are identified and agreed upon with local authorities and land owners.

Find out about our consultation process.

Find out about our consultation process.

Kerbside Management in 3 simple steps

The freight, servicing and delivery sector has exponentially grown to service the needs of residents and businesses in cities. However with this growth it is impacting local air quality and increasing congestion in a constrained physical environment.

Greener, smarter options are needed to offset the environmental impacts affecting communities of those living and working in urban areas.

Kerb is a solution that can be implemented without extensive infrastructure or policy changes and has the endorsement of the Department for Transport. The innovative technology based solution can be rolled out now without the need to wait for legalisation change.


Inspire the Future

Freight, servicing and delivery vehicles in London make over 40,000 trips per day and create up to 23% of all road transport CO2 emissions. This has exponentially grown over the last two decades. However, the growing demand for goods and services does not need to come at the expense of public health and our environment.

We see a future where urban centres thrive, where people, businesses and the environment coexist harmoniously.

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