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Reimagining the Kerbside in Congested London Areas with Westminster City Council

A first-of-its-kind bookable EV-only loading bay scheme launches in the Capital

To better manage freight operator access in Westminster we are working with the borough council to trial two bookable EV-only loading bays. The bays are located in the bustling business and retail areas of Abbey Orchard Street near Victoria Street and Russell Street, which is within walking distance of Covent Garden.

Grid’s Kerb Delivery platform will allow EV freight and service operators to remotely reserve places to load and unload for up to 90 minutes, reducing driver stress when searching for suitable and safe space within busy areas. The project contributes to the borough’s greener transport infrastructure and supports the increase of electric freight deliveries in Westminster.

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Kerbside Management

What is the Westminster Kerb Delivery Project?

The Kerb platform allows an EV driver to pre-book loading and unloading space for up to 90 minutes, 24 hours a day. This means that drivers get surety of a space in advance, reducing idling and search time and also allowing them to park long enough to make onward deliveries by greener modes, such as by foot or cargo bike. This innovative scheme has many potential positive impacts from reduced freight congestion and emissions to improved road safety.

How to start using the Westminster EV Loading Bays

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You will then be onboarded on to the Kerb Delivery platform

Start booking bays to carry out your deliveries

The Kerb Platform

The Kerb platform will enable drivers to book loading bay slots from 30, 60 or 90 minute periods. Drivers can also report rogue vehicles if the space is being used without a booking on arrival.

The suite comes with an intuitive driver app, savvy booking platform and tailored interface for both fleet managers and local authorities. Both bays are accompanied by an on street e-ink sign.  

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“We are thrilled to be partnering with Grid Smarter Cities to deliver two new dedicated parking bays for freight EVs in Westminster – London’s first bookable EV loading bays.

Westminster City Council recognises the importance of tackling air pollution and reducing carbon emissions to reach our goal of a Net Zero city by 2040.

By providing infrastructure tailored to the needs of electric delivery vehicles, we are supporting businesses in transitioning to cleaner transportation methods while improving air quality and enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.”

Cllr Paul Dimoldenberg, Cabinet Member for City Management and Air Quality, said:

Benefits of using Bookable Loading Bays

An advanced booking system enables stress free deliveries

Longer loading time slots enable uninterrupted deliveries

Greener deliveries from less time circling and idling

Saves battery mileage from less circling around the city

Safer deliveries from less on street dwell time

Research on freight movements can be gathered