Everything Connects

At Grid, we care about the future of our urban spaces. We resolve key logistical challenges and global environmental issues with our smarter technological solutions.

Lead the change
We understand the challenges in our urban areas and develop user centric solutions which deliver efficiency, sustainability and profitability
Inspire the future
We see a future where urban centres thrive; where people, businesses and the environment coexist in harmony.
Challenge the accepted
All things can be improved. By focusing on the bigger picture, we strive to innovate technology for everyday living in urban spaces.
Resolve the issues
Our integrated solutions enable all key stakeholders within the urban eco-system to work together, ensuring that eventually, everything connects.

Grid Smarter Cities

Grid’s vision is to help enable the connected urban ecosystem to effect positive change for urban spaces in the UK and around the world.


Kerb is revolutionising how we think about the traditional world of parking management. Kerb is a dynamic, digital booking platform that makes finding a kerbside location to unload and deliver goods hassle free. Kerb manages inner-city kerb space at a hyper-local level, enabling advanced bookable loading slots that give drivers more delivery certainty and less risk of Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) charges.

By broadening the view of the kerbside from parking management only, the true extent of the kerbside ecosystem begins to unfold, as do the environmental and societal benefits.

Parking Management

Grid Smarter Cities’ Kerb-Dock trial is now live.

Discover the Kerb-Dock project located at Bankside Pier in Southwark, trialling to support river-to-road deliveries for greener, safer, smarter and sustainable logistics in London.


Get in touch for a demonstration to see how Kerb Delivery can improve congestion and reduce environmental impact.

Our Partners

We understand the importance of collaboration and working together to solve citywide challenges. We are lucky enough to work with some of the best – sharing a common goal of creating a better world through innovation.