Grid Smarter Cities join a group of TRL innovators to initiate debates addressing serious threats cause by lack of kerb space management.

Grid Smarter Cities join a group of TRL supported innovators to initiate debates addressing serious threats cause by lack of kerb space management.

TRL has recently published an article featuring Kerbside Management-  a Think Thank initiative comprising a group of innovators including Grid Smarter Cities who will start a debate to seek ways to optimise the management of the UK kerbside space across the UK and make roads safer. This initiative is aimed to address the ever-growing number of kerbside delivery services which significantly increases congestion on busy streets.

The lack of kerbside management causes a serious threat making the space an unpleasant battleground between stakeholders where everyone is a loser particularly with new government policies on active travel and electrification of transport, unintentionally putting different user groups in direct competition for the same precious road space. It is the perfect time to tackle the issues, and work towards refreshed guidelines and regulations to empower councils to invest in solutions to satisfy all the disparate demands.

Paul Campion, CEO of TRL states that the task force brings more parties into the conversation around these issues and helps policy makers find an effective way forward.


According to Mark Corbin, chair of ADEPT National Traffic Managers Forum – the task force has identified a need for regulation to be made at the national level that local authorities can then implement, keeping our kerbside safe and worthwhile to use.

Neil Herron, CEO of Grid Smarter Cities, believes 2022 to be an emerging year for the kerb. With Grid’s innovative solution ‘Kerb’ – a revolutionary program allowing commercial fleet operators to safely book kerbside space in advance and local authorities to monitor this movement – smart management of the kerb will help address these challenges and open opportunities to optimise its value benefiting the local authorities, landowners, operators and the general public towards a more efficient and sustainable utilisation of kerb spaces.

As an innovation pioneer and kerbside management champion, Neil and the team at Grid are excited to assist the task force in positioning the kerb as the critical ‘jigsaw piece’ in the smart, connected urban ecosystem.

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