Climate Tech Report 2022: A Snapshot into UK Climate-tech Innovation

The Climate-tech Policy Coalition announced the release of the Climate Tech Report 2022 in association with The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec), Tech Nation, TechUK and the Centre for Climate Change Innovation (CCCI). Together they represent a cross-section of entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators on the forefront of climate technology, or climate-tech. 

Its mission is to help unlock the economy of the future: a low, to no, carbon future of green growth fuelled by British entrepreneurs. From June to October 2022, the Climate-tech Policy Coalition undertook an intensive series of roundtables with entrepreneurs and startup colleagues covering nine critical sectors. These roundtable discussions were completed under the Chatham House rule, with subsequent follow up sessions held with additional firms meaning that in total, over 100 firms participated in this project including Grid Smarter Cities. The narratives and recommendations coming out of this exercise are captured in this report. The objective of this report is to equip policymakers and regulators with tangible steps to unleash the economy of the future, an economy that is low-carbon and lucrative.

“I was really pleased to be involved in the latest report by Coadec, Tech Nation, techUK, CCCI and over 100 startups on the issues facing climate-tech innovators in the UK. During their roundtables it was great to hear from other founders about the problems they’ve been facing scaling in the UK whilst also celebrating the successes too.” Neil Herron, Founder and CEO – Grid Smarter Cities.

The Climate-tech Policy Coalition was created to shine a light on the issues with this incumbent regime, and crystallise a selection of tangible actions that the Government can take to reduce or remove systemic barriers. Crucially, the recommendations included in this report are the product of consultation with entrepreneurs themselves. Together, they represent a blueprint for unleashing the next economy. The main takeaway from this exercise is that the opportunity is ours for the taking, but if we don’t, somewhere else will beat us to it.

Read the full report.