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Grid is an organised world that makes the things you do... simpler.
  • More innovative
  • Better connected
  • Smarter

Grid connects city businesses, services, people and technology.

We want to make engaging, living, working and socialising in our urban spaces
easier and more attractive than ever before.

Why be part of the Grid community?

Grid will save you time

Grid will save you money

Grid will make your life easier

Grid will make your city more accessible

How will the Grid help you?

Concierge style city services at your fingertips

Discounts and rewards for using our partners

Innovative driving and parking solutions making you and your families journeys safer

Apps that put power in the palm of your hand

We need you

The Grid is growing everyday, with new service providers signing up daily... But we need you to help shape the Grid and tell us what you'd like to see as part of a more connected city.

More people = more power.

The power to leverage real savings, make real improvements to every day city life.

So... Tell us what you want.

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